We strive for integrity by choosing courage over comfort, by choosing what's right over what's fast and easy, and by making patient comfort and good dental health our highest priority.


- Aaron B. Pitts, DMD

Your smile can receive the high quality of care it deserves at our practice. Dr. Aaron Pitts uses only the best resources in his practice, and is truly committed to providing patients with a visit that is as comfortable as possible. So, we are pleased to use Isolite® at our office, which is an advanced and innovative isolation device.

We use this technology during all procedures that require stable and reliable isolation. Similar to the entire family of dental isolation systems, Isolite® is a bite block, but it also offers other features. Furthermore, the Isolite Illunimated Dental Isolation System simultaneously retracts the patient’s cheek and tongue, illuminates their mouth, and provides continuous suction.

Some of the benefits of this technology include:

  • Protection of the patient’s oral tissues
  • A lowered risk for patient discomfort
  • More room for our dentist to treat your smile
  • Timely procedures
  • Increased and shadow-free visibility for our team
  • Better ergonomics

For more information about Isolite in Pine Valley, California, please feel free to visit or contact us! You are invited to call Aaron B. Pitts, DMD at 619-473-8735 to arrange your visit, and to enjoy our advanced dental care. We look forward to seeing you.