Oral Health Care Plans: Plaque Prevention

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There is a sticky layer of film that covers your teeth known as plaque. Within plaque lies bacteria and debris that are capable of slowly weakening your smile by using other substances that can end up in your mouth to break down your tooth enamel. It is possible for plaque to convert substances such as sugars into harmful acids that can eat through your tooth enamel. If left untreated, this can cause infections, cavities and even tooth loss. For more information about plaque, consider the following:

– In order to ensure your smile can continue to function as intended, it is important to make sure to eliminate plaque as soon as it begins to manifest. If left untreated, it can harden into tartar, which can only be safely removed by your dentist.

– The best way to prevent plaque buildup is to treat your smile every day to oral cleaning routines such as brushing twice daily and flossing once a day.

– Plaque buildup is a known risk factor for tooth decay, gum disease, and cavities. This is because bacteria and plaque can convert substances and foods into harmful acids that will chew through your tooth enamel and gums. Furthermore, plaque can destabilize your gums through infections and cause eventual tooth loss.

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